Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 2.4: Another Day, Another Baguette

I got yet another late start this morning -- had a banana in the park while reading a technical paper, then walked down to retrieve my left-behind tablet from the fondue restaurant.  The manager wasn't in yet, so I was kind of aimless for a while -- ended up wandering through a new side street, then all the way back to my apartment to pick up a magazine.  I decided it was time for a taste of home and had lunch at Maison Burger on rue Grégoire de Tours, right next to the fondue place.  Quite a tasty burger, actually -- I had the Original (with sautéed red onions, some kind of sundried tomato relish, and Cheddar cheese) with fries and a diet Coke.  Not too much like being at home, but interestingly different.  For one thing, you can order your burger saignant (rare).  For another thing, the fries really aren't as good (sorry, French people, even though we named them after you, I think this is one thing that the Americans mostly do better...)

After lunch, I stopped by the fondue restaurant, and voilà!  The manager was there and knew just what I was talking about, so I retrieved my tablet and now have access to unlimited books through the e-library again.  Whew!

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the office, doing email miscellanea, thinking about proposals, reading technical papers, and meeting with Pavlos.  Afterwards, I thought, why wait until after dinner for dessert anyway? and strolled back up to Amorino to continue my quest to consume all of their gelato flavors.  They are making it tricky by occasionally introducing new ones, so I tried one of those -- I don't remember the name, but it had lime and something else in it -- along with amarena (cherry) and chocolat pur (they have four different chocolate flavors, so trying to get the one that just said "chocolate" was a bit challenging!)  The way they scoop the gelato results in the most beautiful flower-petal ice cream servings I've ever seen.  (The picture doesn't quite do it justice -- it's a very three-dimensional effect in reality.)

Since I'd outdone myself with the pre-dinner dessert, I kept dinner simple, just the leftover things I had in the fridge -- some fagottini (stuffed pasta) that I'd picked up at the market a few days ago, the rest of the salad, olives, a demi traditional (French load) from the boulanger across the street, and some mousse de canard from Monoprix.  Very satisfying and actually more than I could eat after all that ice cream!

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