Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 2.3 - Low-key and forgetful

This morning I wasn't that hungry, just had a banana for breakfast and went to work.  My colleague Bruno invited me to lunch, and by the time we went out, j'etais très faim! (A banana is not really a complete breakfast...) We went to a little crêpe place on the corner, and I had a galette (buckwheat flour crêpe) with potatoes and bacon.  Very yummy and simple.  I also had some cidre doux, but I wasn't too crazy about it -- it had a sort of musty flavor that almost seemed as though it had gone off.

I went out for a late (well, normal to the French, around 8pm) dinner on the little street of restaurants that I discovered yesterday -- rue de Grégoire de Tours.  I ate at Chalet Grégoire, a little local place that specializes in fondues and raclette.  I ordered the cuisses de grenouilles à l'ail (yes, that is in fact frogs' legs) and fondue traditionelle.  Both were delicious -- the frogs' legs were tiny and succulent, very garlicky, with nice bread to soak up the garlic butter.  The fondue was Emmenthaler and Gruyère, plus I think one other cheese I don't remember, with bread, potatoes, and (oddly) iceberg lettuce (which also came with the frogs' legs).

Before (a little blurry, forgive me):


After that dinner, tomorrow I really need to go for the run that I didn't go for today...

On the walk to the restaurant, I saw a guy standing outside of St-Germain playing a one-man band sort of arrangement and singing What a Wonderful World in this slightly wacky raspy voice.  I almost stopped to take a picture, but thought, nah, I'll keep walking.  On the way back he was still! (or again?) there.  Now he was singing Bei Mir Bist Du Schön, and I couldn't resist stopping to take a picture for my daughter (that song is one of the Radcliffe Pitches' signature songs):

The forgetful part (stupid me) is that I got caught up in conversation with two nice American women at the table next to me (including one from Carroll County who rides horses and had just come from the quadrennial World Equestrian Games in Normandy) -- and got distracted enough that I left my Nexus tablet at the restaurant and didn't realize I had left it behind until I got back to the studio.  I called the restaurant, though, and the waiter who had served me remembered me, said he had the tablet and said oui, oui, of course I could come by tomorrow midday to pick it up again.  (For the record, that makes three phone calls that I have made successfully in French while I was here!)

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