Saturday, October 4, 2014

Days 5.5-5.6: Lots of Lasts

It's hard to believe that I'm in my last few days of this epic trip.

Yesterday, I had a speculoos cappuccino (so yum!) and brioche au chocolat at the counter-service bakery I'd eaten at the day before.  Work was great -- lots of good ideas being exchanged, and hopefully the projects will keep going after I return home.

Last night, I went to Café Louise, just across the street and had a kir mûre (blackberry) and a crôque monsieur -- I'd had one at another cafe that wasn't very good, so I thought I should have one more before leaving Paris.  Definitely better, but oh so rich!  (I couldn't finish it.)

Afterwards, I went to see Daniel Radcliffe's new movie, Horns, which is actually pretty funny and sort of intriguing (though I don't think Daniel Radcliffe is a particularly great actor).

Today, I went back to L'Enfance du Lard for lunch -- it was one of the first places I'd eaten at, so very nice to revisit just before leaving.  I had their terrine du chef (which was good but sort of odd -- mushrooms and chicken pieces in a mold) and onglet du veau avec sauce roquefort, which was really delicious -- super-tender and very tasty.

After lunch, I went up to the Montmartre area and met my friend Jérôme for a stroll and a coffee, then came back to the apartment for a while to pack and get organized.  For dinner, I went to Côté Bergamote, a restaurant that I'd seen my very first night but took a while to relocate because I was so turned around that night, so I hadn't been there yet.  It was really good and I'm sorry I hadn't been there before.  I started with the house special cocktail -- a kir bergamote.  Yum!

For an entrée, I had the fois gras, flavored with vanilla and tarragon -- it was pretty good but had a little bit of a bitter undertaste that I couldn't quite make up my mind about.  Paired with the bit of fruit jam and pain d'épices, though, it balanced out.

Since I had such a heavy lunch, I stuck with a salad for the main course -- but it was a huge salad, the salade Côté Sud, with ham, melon, parmesan, roasted peppers, and gooseberries.

I wasn't sure about dessert, but then I spotted the café gourmand, and I thought, crap, how is it that I've been in France for five friggin' weeks and I haven't ordered a café gourmand (which is coffee with several mini-desserts).  I feel that I have wasted my time here!  This one was extra-yummy -- a strawberry macaron, a mini crême brulée, and a super-rich gâteau chocolat.

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