Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lime-Dill Salmon with Yogurt Lime-Dill Sauce

Heather had her wisdom teeth out last week and is just starting to try "solid food," so I was trying to think of what would be solid enough to be satisfying but still easy to eat without much chewing. Salmon, of course!

She loves dill and I wanted something zesty with a lot of flavor, since she's super-tired of bland foods.  I found a terrific recipe online:  Grilled Salmon with Lemon-Dill Sauce.

We (sous-chef Heather and I) made a couple of changes:  we used lime (as suggested) instead of lemon, and we used fresh (well, jarred) minced garlic instead of "garlic-pepper blend" (whatever that is).  We also thought the yogurt sauce was too tangy and limey (partly because the lime is stronger than lemon, but we used the same amount, but also partly because Greek yogurt has such an intense tang).  So we added a lot more (probably 3T altogether) fresh dill, a bunch more ground pepper (maybe 1/4 tsp total), a dash of cayenne, and a pinch of paprika.  We broiled the salmon since it's not grilling season.

We served the salmon with Pillsbury crescent rolls (not even suggested on the Pillsbury recipe site, but it was the softest starch I could think of, other than mashed potatoes, which she's also tired of) and avocado (the softest vegetable; well, OK, technically a fruit, but whatever).  Really delicious and I would definitely make and serve it again.  The only flaw was the not-so-wonderful salmon (they were all out at two grocery stores, so I had to use frozen salmon; and the fillets were quite thin, so I managed to overcook them a bit -- should have ignored the timing in the recipe and followed my instincts instead).

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